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Only 12 posts in and already I mention Martha Stewart. Damn, I hate her.

A little food porn goes a long way ’round midnight… God love a site devoted to brownies with centerfold shots throughout. Must find chocolate now, and bake these chocolate-mint M.S. bitch specials on the weekend.

From the Brownie Project >


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The book I currently covet, by my hero: Richard Saul Wurman

Springing to life from the mind of the world’s original information architect is:

33: Understanding Change & the Change in Understanding

The fable chronicles the adventures and musings of the Commissioner of Curiosity and Imagination, who waddles through the city of What-If in the land of Could-Be, trying to make sense of the myriad changes that have transpired in the past 33 years.

A World Without Wurman Would be the Worst.

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Water, water everywhere and drops you now can drink.

This terra cotta water filtration system, designed by artist Roberto Brazil and based on age-old ceramic water filtration, was winner of the IF Design Award in 2004.

Economical, healthy, supportive of local artisans, environmental, requiring no energy, used worldwide, and now distributed in Canada ( in Toronto, available at Grassroots) – why are we not all using one of these again?


For more information on ceramic water filtration visit Potters for Peace >

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Design from magazines…for real!



Are they tiles?  Is it wallpaper?  No!  It’s your magazine collection finally earning it’s keep.

From one of my favourite mags…ReadyMade >

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Wovel my shovel.


The only snow removal device, performing equal to or better than a snow blower, that is recognized by Co-op America and National Green Pages™ for its positive, pollution-free environmental standards and zero carbon footprint in usage. Univ. of Mass. independent study confirms the wheeled snow shovel clears snow with a fraction of the effort and safer on the back: “comparable to simply walking.”

Time Magazine’s Best Invention for 2006, it is well into production and distribution now. Available online at homedepot.ca

Merry Christmas Larry!  The Sno Wovel >

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Turning Japanese.

japanese wrap

No one wraps anything better than the Japanese, and this book is an incredible inspiration for anyone who wants to learn their secrets.

Including schematics for paper folding, the use of colored tape and string, envelopes, paper bags, maps, twine and lace, the book illustrates literally hundreds of different wrapping styles with clear, easy-to-follow photos.

From RAM Publications >

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Growing your business…literally.

lush business card

Many more inspired business card examples at:

42-awesome-business-card-designs-with-links-to-100s-more >

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Devastating Depiction


To document this phenomenon as faithfully as possible, not a single piece of plastic in any of these photographs was moved, placed, manipulated, arranged, or altered in any way. These images depict the actual stomach contents of baby birds in one of the world’s most remote marine sanctuaries, more than 2000 miles from the nearest continent.

Chris Jordan discusses his work on Midway Atoll in a New York Review podcast. To see more of his photographs from Midway, readers can visit chrisjordan.com. A collection of his large-scale conceptual photographs, Running the Numbers: An American Self-Portrait, was published earlier this year by Prestel.

~cj, October 2009 / site >

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Photographer David Guttenfelder in Afghanistan

Jamila, left, plays on a seesaw with children of other female inmates on the prison yard of Pul-e Charkhi prison in Kabul, Afghanistan April 17, 2008. Jamila, age 7, and her mother Najiba who is serving a seven year sentence for adultery, have been in prison for 10 months. There are 226 young children in Afghanistan’s prisons, including many who were born there. They have committed no crime, but they live among the country’s 304 incarcerated women.

Part of  photo series by David Guttenfelder from Captured: A Denver Post News Photo Blog

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Crows are black birds and blackbirds are also.

How can you not be in love with Charley Harper? I can’t wait to give my mom his book Birds and Words this Christmas.

Crows are black birds and blackbirds are also, but a crow in the snow is so much the more so. If you’re pro-crow you proclaim his intellect, his resourcefulness, and the visual poetry of his somber silhouette on the calligraphy of the cornfield. But if it’s your cornfield, you have good caws to compose creative crowfanities when he arrives. Think of it as sharecropping: he gets the grasshoppers, you get the corn, and the few ears missed in the harvest are held in, well–escrow.

birds and words from ammo books

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